What to do if you hate your job

Thirty percent of our lives is spent working which makes for a pretty sad calculation of overall happiness if you hate your job. That was the case for Nicole Holland. After experiencing the worst shift of her life as a correctional officer on New Year's Even 2013, she made a promise to herself that she would not be there for another New Year's Eve. Just before the 2014 came to an end, she kept that promise to herself and quit her job without a backup plan.

Through adversity and trial and error, Nicole found her way. Since then, Nicole has coached personal clients, created a successful online business, InterviewsThatConvert.com, launched The Business Building Rockstars Show podcast, and has annual online summit called The Business Building Rockstar Summit. 

On today's podcast, Nicole shares her story of going from a job she hates to a self-made job she loves. She also shares with us what to begin doing TODAY if you hate your job.

Show Links: Nicole's Website Business Building Rockstars Show Summit Website


The song featured on the show is called, "Slow Burn" by Autograf.


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