How Co-Creating with the Universe Works with Bri Seeley

The first time I heard the words, "co-create with the Universe" I remember being less than thrilled. I didn't understand it. I was going to create with an entity that I couldn't see or touch? That seemed ludicrous. That was until I began talking to smart people who could explain it in a real world terms that I understood. I realized that I'd already been co-creating with the Universe. My WTF Am I Doing With My Life? podcast was a co-creation. How do I know? I was INSPIRED to do it. 

When we are compelled to take risks out of love and rather than fear or because we "should," we are co-creating with the Universe. The reason it works is because when we approach an endeavor out of inspiration, we bring endless energy, passion and creativity to the project. People can inherently understand that, which makes it so much more likely we succeed.

Bri Seeley is one of those smart, grounded people. She's an entrepreneur, author, speaker and co-founder of The AMPLIFY Collective, a community for women-supporting-women in Los Angeles. Bri also co-hosts a weekly podcast, Be Amplified

Today, she comes on my podcast to discuss what it means to co-create with the universe and how she’s done it in her own life. 


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The song featured on the show is called, "Slow Burn" by Autograf.


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