(LIVE SESSION) Hypnotherapy to Access the Subconscious to Breakthrough with Elliot Roe

Ever wondered what holds you back? Ever ask yourself, "Why do I keep doing this?" "Why am I so afraid?" "Why do I keep getting the same result?" Most likely, the answers are in your subconscious. One way to access these answers is through hypnotherapy. Elliot Roe is a hypnotherapist who has worked with hundreds of people including poker players, UFC champions, Olympians, golfers, and financial professionals. He assists them in removing mental blocks, conquering anxiety, and realizing their potential.

In poker and in life, I wanted to know why I had so much trouble making decisions. I struggle with trusting myself and have a lot of anxiety around success and performance. So what did I do? I had a hypnotherapy session and recorded the whole thing. 

On this podcast, I walk you through my hypnotherapy session and interview Elliot afterwards. 

We talk about: 

  • What hypnotherapy is
  • Common misconceptions about hypnotherapy
  • How come it works
  • Who it's for
  • What I can look forward to with my own breakthroughs

To learn more about Elliot and his hypnotherapy practice, go to PokerMindCoach.com. You can also listen to his podcast, The Mindset Advantage on iTunes or Stitcher.

The song featured on the show is called, "Slow Burn" by Autograf.


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