Christal Fuentes on How to Be H.O.T.

When we think about relationship coaching, usually, we automatically assume it's only for intimate relationships. Entrepreneur, author and relationship guru Christal Fuentes is out to change all that.  She founded of The Ladies Coach, a website designed to support women to live their biggest lives through the deepening of their relationships with EVERYONE, including the one they have with themselves. 

She has also recently published a book called, How to be H.O.T. - Your guide to becoming Happy Open and Trusting  in Your Relationships.

Now to the gentlemen listening out there, don’t tune out. Not only is all of the information in the interview really applicable to both sexes, there are a few things she touches on that may give you all an insight into the opposite sex. 

We begin by talking about her path from hospitality into relationship coaching, talk about common blocks people have when it comes to finding a significant other, why a healthy relationship with ourselves is key, what we can learn about our relationship with our parents, and how to begin cultivating self love. 

Christal has so graciously offered to send three of you guys a copy of her book — if you tweet at both us @theladiescoach @kristyarnett  or     snapchat us @christalfuentes @kristy.arnett       or leave a comment on the article at   with your biggest AHA moment for the podcast, you enter yourself to win! 


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