How to Overcome Fear and Be ‘All In’

I'm so excited to share these techniques with you about overcoming fear. Too often, we allow fear to hold us in its prison by making our passions a side project or more like a hobby instead of something that we are fully committed to. We are so afraid to fail at what we love or what we really want in life, so we pretend to work towards our goals without giving them our all. If this is the way we work with our passions, we will likely fail. If we fail, it's not like we gave it our all, so our egos are still intact which feels safe. But what if you we able to be 'all in'? What levels of success could you reach? How good would it feel to know that you put your all into your dream?

In this interview, I discuss with Poker Mind Coach, Elliot Roe how your life can improve if you remove the fear that is in the way of moving forward with what you really want. Elliot is an expert at helping professional athletes and poker players visualize the worst outcomes and guiding them to shift their mindset out of failure and into success.

Elliot was inspired to help others in his early 20s when he was passing up experiences abroad with friends due to his fear of flying. He looked back at all of the opportunities that he was missing out on and decided to get help. After one session of hypnotherapy, Elliot was able to understand where the fear came from and shift his perspective. Because the hypnotherapy helped him so much, he sought out hypnotherapy training to become a mindset coach.

Fear is a normal feeling that everyone has. Fears are created by our past experiences which cause us to react in our present situation. Our fears embarrass us, they are hard to talk about and hard to face. Deprogramming our fears helps us to respond positively without giving much energy to the trigger of the anxiety.

While deprogramming your fears might sound difficult, the more you practice understanding where the fears come from and releasing past traumas, you will see your energy and perspective towards the fear shift. These techniques can apply to any aspect of your life (asking for a raise, having a successful relationship, performing your best physically, etc.).

There are different ways to support yourself when releasing the emotional reactions that you have towards a fear. You can work with therapists, hypnotists, or even use an app like Primed Mind - Mindset Coach.

After practicing letting go of those triggers, we can look back at our fears with a different perspective. Listen to the interview and join us in a five-minute visualization exercise to help you overcome your biggest fears.

Five Minute Visualization for Overcoming Fear [50:00]  WARNING: Do you not do visualization while driving. 


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