Create Your Vision and Change Your Life

You may have a secret board on Pinterest called 'Vision Board' - the wedding, the baby, the dream job, pins about the bigger city you want to move to, your house with a lemon tree, traveling across the world...or maybe starting the business of your dreams. Many of us have these same desires, but we may not believe that it is possible. Maybe someone told us our dream was silly or not a reasonable lifepath or perhaps you have failed over and over and feel it's just easier to give up and play it safe. I am here to tell you that it does NOT have to be that way. What you want in life, you can have 💯.

The first steps in creating the vision for your life is to know what you want.

What do you want? No really, what do you want? If a friend was asking you this right now, what would you say? You don't have to be afraid of what you want. No excuse, outside opinion, fear, or belief that it will never work will ever be worth giving up the best life you could have ever imagined.

Life has a way of assisting us when we are clear on our vision and taking steps to reach our dreams. When you declare what you want (dream big), work hard to get there (even if it is just baby steps) and continue to press on even when it gets hard, you will feel everything coming together, and the momentum will flow.

Don't know what you want? That's okay too! Sometimes we have too much clutter in our brains with what we think we are supposed to do instead of what we really want. Recently, my sister sat down with me to tell me that she was switching paths from her healthy- eating delivery service to going back to school for Nursing. While she knows she could make more money than she is currently making, it does not excite her. If this sounds like you, try going alone to a place that brings you joy. Sit with the unknown and allow your dreams to come up without judgment. What type of life would make you feel fulfilled?

Creating a vision can be one of the most grounding things that you can do for your life. When you are moving towards your dream, you can ask yourself “is this moving me closer or further away from my vision?”. It is so helpful to come back to what you want to guide you closer.

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