How to Live a Life Without Regrets

At this moment, you are the youngest that you will ever be. When you look at everything you have done up to this point, do you feel you have truly lived out your dreams? Are you stuck in a rut that you think you cannot get out of? We have all been there. This episode's guest is one that you will not want to miss. Bronnie Ware always thought that she would be a musician like her parents but she followed a calling that led her to work for several years with the terminally ill. This vocation is no easy feat, but Bronnie learned so many important lessons from those that had lived long lives of joy and also painful, stagnant lives with regrets.

While many moments taught her invaluable life lessons, she recalls a woman that had stayed in a bad marriage and had not lived her life for herself. This woman was one of the reasons for Bronnie to take the next step in sharing these stories in her first book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.

If you visit her website, you will find lots of free content for living a life without regrets, a meditation that will help you "bloom into your best self," and where to find her three books (links below).

When you hear Bronnie speak, you will understand why she was a perfect companion for those that are at the last stages of their lives. She has a soft-spoken, humble authenticity that makes you feel inspired and calm.

if you can have the courage to only do one step at a time knowing that your heart won't lead you astray your heart will actually keep pulling you in the true direction you're meant to be going. - Bronnie Ware

Click below to learn how you can follow your heart to satisfy your dreams and live a life without regrets.


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Show Notes: 

[00:01:31] risks I've taken have just been a culmination of one risk after another and I don't actually see a lot of Bermas risks anymore because it's just my nature and my lifestyle to think okay well my heart says to do this next I'll do this or I'll do this. [14.8]

[00:03:17] I picked up my guitar and started writing a song and that led to me stepping onto a stage and I was so sick with nerves and it felt like for a couple of weeks before I even got there and I got on on that stage and I hated it.

[17.0] [00:04:24]

I learnt to open my heart a crack at a lot of walls that were blocking me and it was a massive healing journey for me and that led to me eventually opening a creating a songwriting program in a women's jail and that led to all the while I was doing the music I was looking after dying people and that led to me writing an article for a music magazine which led to me starting a blog which led to the blog taking off which led to me being offered an agency contract for a book deal and then 25 rejections later I went independent release my book. The book took off and ended up with a publishing deal. [44.0]

[00:06:54] this deep desire to share this message because you know that it will make an impact and hearing how your story progressed into. Exactly Being a writer that suits you.

[14.4] [00:08:07] How do people get to the deep desire or passion that is going to carry them through the scary parts. Okay well there's two things.

[00:14:00] The mind does the mind and see the exact vision but the heart doesn't the heart wants to feel a particular feeling. And so if you can take and the heart won't forget that feeling.

[00:14:12] So there's no risk of you getting distracted because the heart will actually say I'm really not happy here. You're getting off track. So the heart will always call you back. So if you can have the courage to only do one step at a time knowing that your heart won't lead you astray your heart will actually keep pulling you in the true direction you're meant to be going.

[00:15:30] So by committing to just one step at a time then not only are you fully present and can enjoy that step and learn more about yourself in the process but then you give life a chance to reveal the next step when you're ready and that way you end up taking 10 steps 10 really significant steps to get to your destination even if there they'll be enjoyable and an amazing even if they're also really difficult because they can you know life is challenging you to get rid of all the other conditioning that isn't serving you.

[00:23:12] I would love to just to talk about your first book The top five regrets of the dying as you mention and dig a little bit deeper into just the first regret. How did you find yourself caring for people as your as your next step.

[00:29:07] And you promised me please promise to this dying woman that you are going to live a life true to yourself that you're going to be courageous that you're not going to care what other people think of you. 

[00:30:49] So we have to recognize this that was a precious resource time is and that it's not replaceable and it's not infinite. So the more we can recognize that that we're on limited time and then we realize we don't want to live a life. But other people expect of us. We need to be brave and dare to surrender into where our hearts calling us.

[00:34:35] so. So it's it's just recognizing that life your life is incredibly precious and it's not foreverand the pain of regret is nothing you ever ever ever want to experience.

[00:36:52] When Dad died because we'd healed a very tumultuous relationship. So when he died I actually just felt amazing peace and gratitude but I just knew was a changing time in my life and so I took a few months off and within a week of a few months of Bloom just it was just like warm.

[00:39:06] what is surrender in this context and how and why is it so necessary in living no regrets life. Sure. It's definitely not giving up. It takes a lot more courage than that and it actually takes reaching a place where you say I really don't.

[00:42:49] I had to I had to learn forgiveness towards myself. I felt guilty for being too happy and I had upper limit problems. It was time to embrace happiness without guilt is embracing happiness without guilt over this idea of a sort of like that we deserve to be happy to surrender play into that as well.

[00:47:26] whatever. You know these vulnerabilities and being able to share things like that make us more human. And so when I put bloom out there sharing different facets of my past and and raw honesty I knew that I'd done the job I was meant to do because in doing that not only am I serving others by helping them find strength through my journey but I have learnt through surrender that it came full circle that life loves us and wants us.