Sex Advice - The Surprising Secret of What Women Want in Bed

What do women want in bed? When I hear this question, I think about all the scenes from the movies where a man powerfully seduces a women. He might grab her hair, kiss her on the neck and confidently whisk her into bed. Without saying a word, he knows exactly what to do, and she moans with delight. The message in these scenes is, "Men already know what women want and it's the same for all women."

And to that, I say - NOPE.

Relationship Expert Ken Blackman is an international speaker, facilitator and coach who is on a mission to shift the conversation around sex and completely disrupt that message.

So what do women really want in bed?

Women want to be asked what feels good and pleasurable.


Yep. For the most part, that's it. There are no "how to's" or "tips and tricks" to get her off. It's all about being vulnerable enough to ask the woman what she likes. Ken suggests something like, "I'm not sure how to tough you right now. Could you tell me?" or "Would you like me to go fast or slower?"


We also touch on the following:

  • How to go from awkward to skilled in giving sexual pleasure to a woman
  • Why is there an orgasm disparity (in heterosexual relationships, men have more orgasms than women)?
  • Debunking the myth that women want connection and men want the physical experience in the bedroom




Ken Blackman is a sought-after lecturer and relationship expert, teaching workshops worldwide and working one-on-one with select clients from San Francisco to Paris to Sydney. With nearly two decades of experience, Ken was one of the principal architects of a curriculum that has shifted the world conversation around sex and human relating through OneTaste, now an Inc 5000-listed company. His book, “Powerful Woman Confident Man : The New Art Of Loving Passionately And Crafting A Resilient, Fulfilling Relationship” is due for release this summer.