U Mad?

Alright, I’m about to get all “I am woman, hear me roar,” on you guys, so you’ve been warned. If you’re a guy who can’t handle that, then get your pansy-ass off my blog. Excuse me for the hostility, but I just got done reading a few forum posts about me rating my "do-ability" or lack thereof. I know, I know, don’t read that shizz. Usually, I don’t, but somehow I found myself reading about how I "look like a prepubescent asian boy." Actually, it’s been almost exactly three years since I first posted this blog about the forums (and Durrr’s nipple), so you would think I’d be completely over it by now, right?

Well, I’m not, but I will say that I’m stronger now. Instead of the mean words paralyzing me or worse, pushing me into wanting to change myself to get closer to what they want, I actually feel motivated and more sure of who I am.

At the beginning of the month, I tweeted this:



I was alluding to the BodyBuilding.com Bodyspace Spokesperson Competition I entered. For those of you guys who don’t know, I’ve been working EXTREMELY hard at my overall fitness. In the past few months, I’ve learned so much about nutrition and weight training. I implemented it into my life and am proud of the changes.

Still, I knew that if I entered this competition, posting the pictures would put me in a really vulnerable position. After careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that I will not make decisions based out of fear. Whether it is fear of failure or fear of what others think – it doesn’t matter.

I want to win this competition because I want to inspire people. I’ve done some soul searching to figure out what really makes me happy, and honestly, the most rewarding feeling in the world is to make a positive impact on someone else even if it's just making them laugh (as you can see, I have gone to great lengths to TRY make people laugh :)  )

No matter how many posts say, “This girl needs some tits.” Guess what? I’m not going to get cut open so a doctor can shove a bubble of “booby-type feeling solution” in my chest because YOU said I needed it. Now I’m not saying I have anything against women who haven chosen to do this. In fact, I applaud them as well. It’s an incredibly brave choice! Just because it’s not for me doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about motor-boating the shit out of a few pairs of perfect-10 breasts! (Sorry, was that demeaning and sexist or is ok just like it’s ok for me to make racist Asians jokes because I’m Asian? Hmmm… ) Like this one:


Oh yeah, and one time, like four years ago, someone at a table suggested there was a bet for how long it would take for me to get fake boobs, and Phil Ivey chimed in and said, “Don’t ever do that sweetheart. You’re fine the way you are.” Love or hate that guy, he pretty much never makes mistakes at the poker table, so I’m assuming that while he’s sitting at one, he makes infallible statements, right??

OH wait, he totally mucked a flush on ESPN during his WSOP Main Event FT run didn’t he? Sheeeiiit… Maybe I should get fake… ehhhh.

Hahaha just kidding. But honestly, my husband, loves what I’m doing, loves my boobs, and is even my workout partner, and that's what matters.

I want women to know that beauty has nothing to do with being skinny.  It's about being a beautiful and strong person from the inside out (yeah that sounded so cheeseball I want to shove a stick in my eye, but whatever, it’s true). I have two younger sisters that I have always tried to set an example for and this is part of that as well.

I want everyone to know that you can do and accomplish whatever you want! And maybe you have decided what it is you want, but you’re scared to start or try. Yeah, it’s scary as hell because what will people think and what if you fail? But, more importantly, what will you think of yourself if you NEVER try!? Don't give a shit like the bad ass honey badger and DO IT!!!!

So here's the deal. I’m happy, healthy, and grateful.  I will live a longer, more vibrant life because of these “disgusting muscles.” When I’m opening my own damn pickle jar I’ll be laughing your face! With every goal I accomplish, I am becoming more confident and sure of who I am. I want this so badly for everyone who hasn't been able to do it (whatever "it" is) yet.

I’ll end this with a quote that people seemed to really like from my blog “Who the F*** do you think you are?” because it’s applicable here as well.


I feel awkward and kind of embarrassed about posting this pics, but I’m putting myself out there for what I want. I want to win this competition. So here are the pictures. And if you are so inclined, go vote for me. Click the LINK TO BODYBUILDING.COM Spokesperson Competition, click "View Women" and search for kristyarnett by scrolling down (I'm in the very left column) or hitting CTR F to search the page.

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, guys.

<3 Kristy