Small Improvements

Hey guys! Just checking in. How are your New Year's Resolutions going? Do I need to kick your ass?

As you guys saw from my last blog update, my main resolution is to complete 30-Day Challenges every month (among other goals). This month was to do Yoga everyday. So far, so good :)

When I started doing Yoga a couple of months ago, I felt defeated at first. I thought the poses that really inspired me were going to be impossible. Like this:


One of the biggest reasons why people fail at meeting their goals is because it's hard to see the end. It's incredibly discouraging when you focus on how far you still have to go. Instead, you need to focus on the processes, and celebrate small success along the way to keep you motivated. See every improvement, no matter how small, as yourself getting closer to achieving the ultimate payoff.

I decided to take a few pictures to see if I've made any progress in my flexibility. At first, I was disappointed because of course, I wanted it be a giant step forward. Haha, it's more like a baby step. Maybe even a baby crawl. But, as I said, I have to be proud of the subtle improvements I've made. I am closer to this particular goal than I was a month ago, right?

IMG_5863-300x300 IMG_5862-300x300 IMG_5861-300x300


Well, you have to start somewhere! Here's a new one too:


Which I want to eventually look like this:



I'm going to end with the following picture, because this pose is the one that really got me into yoga. It requires an incredible amount of flexibility and STRENGTH!