Four Steps to Release Emotional Triggers

We have all experienced emotional triggers. It happens over time or in an instant. We feel a change in our physiological state and strong emotions arise. Sometimes, being triggered causes us to lash out or to make poor decisions. On this podcast, one of my mentors, Britta Eskey, a transformational facilitator/coach and co-founder of Cor, discusses where triggers come from, why we have them and also four steps you can take to release the emotional trigger.

Find it - Acknowledge the trigger. Stopping the cycle (by breathing, communicating, walking etc). Bring awareness. What are the emotions? How does it feel in the body? Notice.

Face it - Turn towards the feeling. We instinctually turn away from uncomfortable feelings by doing addictive behaviors (sex, social media, drugs, over analyzing etc). We can do this through sitting still and meditation. Take a look with kindness and curiosity.

Feel it - Experience the physical sensations and the emotion. Whatever comes up, allow it.

Free it - Release of the trigger comes through having gone through the previous three steps. This allows for spaciousness and compassion.


Britta Eskey, together with her husband Lee Eskey, is the co-founder and co-director of COR. COR has worked with thousands of people offering one-of-a-kind workshops and leadership trainings designed to provide an unforgettable journey into your highest potential, including tackling long-held issues of family and inter-personal relationships.

Britta has been working internationally with people from all walks of life for over 30 years. She has a background in social work, family and couple’s therapy, Family Constellation Work, Gestalt, dance and movement, spiritual direction, emotional release and life coaching.

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