How One Woman Went From Failed Product Launch to $50K in Sales in 3 Months

Before I met Molly, I heard her.

It was this singsongy voice bellowing out from the hallway of a conference I was attending. I turned towards the sound and in walks this tall brunette with bright red lipstick and a big smile to match. Her hair and outfit reminded me of one of those gorgeous vintage pin up models from the 40s.

Molly Mahoney is a professional performer, Camera Confidence Coach and expert in helping entrepreneurs, artists and business owners grow their visibility and business through Facebook— everything from attracting customers to your Facebook business page, understanding how to run highly converting Facebook ads, hosting Facebook Live broadcasts that provide value and build deeper relationships, and creating Facebook Messenger bots that attract more of your perfect clients and customers in a uniquely authentic way.

The conference I met her at was Adam Urbanski’s Revenue Rev Up live event in San Diego. (As many of you who’ve listened to this podcast, Adam was on the show awhile back. He talked about his mission to Eradicating Entrepreneur Failure). Molly was a speaker. In addition to fun, valuable Facebook strategies, Molly also shared her own entrepreneurial story in which she nearly failed.

Today on the podcast we discuss:

5:53 What comes out of your mouth is actually a magnet for you and your business.

10:07 Molly shares her story, step by step, of how she went bombing a product launch which got zero sales… to doing $50,000 in three months with a totally different offering.

21:40 Why your one “why” isn’t enough. Molly shares her fail-proof method of having a Three-Part Why.

[Tweet theme="basic-white"]I have a three part why. This way, in case one of those things doesn't feel as juicy to you in the moment-- You have two other things that are going to kick your butt.[/Tweet]

36:47 Learn more about the common entrepreneur trap Molly has coined, “Busy Balls.”

Molly also has a free gift for you guys. Be sure to listen to the end of the podcast! Please please share with your friends. We’re taking this podcast to the moon.


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