Why Anxiety Exists and How to Eliminate It With NLP

"Anxiety is actually not an emotion like any other. You can think of an event in the past when you were really angry and possibly still feel anger about it. The same is true for sadness, hurt or guilt. But you can't t think of a past event and feel anxiety."

That is what Ashley James, host of the Learn True Health podcast and master practitioner and trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), said about anxiety on my latest podcast.

Because of this insight, Ashley has practiced and taught a highly effective exercise designed to lessen or eliminate anxiety altogether... and it's incredible. She tried it on me and it WORKED.

As someone who has struggled over the years with anxiety, her technique, along with her incredibly insightful message, taught me so much. I'm excited to use it for the rest of my life.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed, worried or under a ton of pressure, this podcast will be of major benefit to you. Show notes:

What is Neurolinguistic programming - 6:15 Ashley's personal story of how breakthrough limiting beliefs on dating 11:00 What anxiety actually is and the consequences it has on our health- 17:00 The anxiety shedding technique - 18:05


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This was Part 2 of my interview with Ashley James. To hear Part 1 on how to eat right for your body, go here.

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