If you aren't living your dreams, ask yourself this one question

Are you the Hero of your own story? If we're not careful, one day, we can wake up and look around at a life that doesn't resemble anything close to what we'd imagined. It's all too easy to get caught up in the drift of staying in your comfort zone or living someone else's narrative. Either way, if that's the case you are a bystander in your own story.

We all are on the same journey from life to death, but it's the decisions we make and who we are that dictates how our own unique story is written. If we are the Hero, we are the ones pushing the action forward, conquering our fears, and learning valuable lessons.

If the answer to this question right now is no, the beauty of it all is that you can change that at anytime. You have the power to start a new chapter. It all starts with one single action.


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