Increase Your Confidence with a Simple Powerful Exercise

What does it mean to be confident? According to the dictionary, this is what confidence means: a feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances

What I find most interesting about the concept of confidence is that it is as much about how other's perceive you as it is about how confident you actually feel inside. The more people around us believe in us, the more we feel like we can succeed and be called upon to perform.

According to Tony Wrighton, host of the Zestology podcast and neurolinguistic programming expert, we can actually use neuro-hacking to increase our confidence. Research has shown that our thoughts can actually shift our physiological responses. What we think about can determine whether or not we project confidence. For most of us, our brains respond best to visualization. One of the theories in NLP is that by using visualization, we can shift or state. Tony shares with us a simple visualization exercise that can increase our confidence.

The Bubble Cam

Imagine yourself surrounded by a strong, protective clear bubble. Put yourself right in the picture. Fill the bubble with all the positive energy you have. Imagine that nothing bad can get in. If anything bad tries to get in, it just splats on the outside of the bubble and drips down the side. All the good energy protects you inside that bubble.

Try it and see how you feel! (Let me know! Comment here or email me

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