How to Heal from Heartbreak with Suki Sohn

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Today’s Episode:

Today's guest is Suki Sohn. She is a transformational and leadership coach that started her journey over a decade ago after her divorce left her physically and emotionally depleted. She shares her story in such a beautiful and vulnerable way that I know you guys will connect with it. She is the author of Happily Ever After: 8 Principles from Ancient Esoteric Traditions and Neuroscience to Healing a Broken Heart. Her message is so relevant today.

At the beginning of Suki’s journey she found herself with chronic back pain, insomnia, migraines, and depression. After MRIs, CT scans, and Western medical approaches didn’t provide long term solutions, she turned to holistic mind-body-spirit practices. She began to study many esoteric and spiritual paths and became in tune with the subtle energies that influence our daily lives. Suki now uses various timeless energy modalities to help clients reclaim and optimize their emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Prior to Suki’s coaching journey, she worked in finance and media with Fortune 100 companies such as the Walt Disney Company, News Corporation, Lehman Brothers, and Fortress Investment Group. She lives in Irvington, NY with her husband John O'Connor and two sons. In this episode, Suki shares her journey of finding her true self and healing her heart. This is a great time for all of us to learn how to heal because in some way we all have a broken heart.

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Suki Sohn Suki Sohn on Facebook Happily Ever After: 8 Principles from Ancient Esoteric Traditions and Neuroscience to Healing a Broken Heart Suki Sohn on Twitter @sukinyc Suki Sohn on LinkedIn Suki Sohn on Instagram @SukiSohn


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Show Notes

[06:33] Suki loves being in nature, trees, her husband, her children, and working with her clients. She is inspired by all of the joy that can be found in life. [07:54] The importance of gaining perspective and how one person can be grateful for an experience whereas another person can be miserable from the same experience. [08:33] How by doing the really deep work, we are able to actually come through and see the beauty in all experiences. [08:56] Suki had a lot of WTF moments in her life. She began with a cool job working for Disney and had a hunky husband and a new baby boy. Yet, there were some relationship issues that they were pretending weren't there. Then she discovered that her husband was having an affair. [10:03] How after this discovery, everything seemed meaningless to Suki. Suki and her husband went to couples counseling for about a year, but she discovered that her husband never stopped seeing the other woman. [10:53] At the time Suki was living in Hong Kong, but quit her job and took her baby and moved to New York. How everything that matters suddenly doesn't matter anymore. [11:52] Suki felt like she had lost her identity. This was not only the obliteration of her dreams but also of who she was. [12:37] She wondered who she was and what was next for her? [13:08] She began dating with the intention of just having fun. She started dating which ended up being a three-year-long relationship that ended in infidelity, and she got pregnant towards the end of the relationship. [14:19] Suki had very hard time and terminated the pregnancy. She felt like she had hit rock bottom. [15:40] She didn't have a spiritual practice and had no perspective on what was going on. [16:10] How the catalyst of her journey began with trying to find a reason for all of these experiences. [16:21] Suki had a couple glimpses of hope. She looked out into the stars and felt that everything would be okay. She also took a trip to Sedona and sat in meditation and said a prayer of hope and dreams and was immediately greeted with a gush of wind in her face. [18:26] Kristy shares a moment when she was outside in the warmth of the sun and something just told her that things would be okay. Following and being open to these moments. [19:23] Being vulnerable enough to hear the presence of the divine. [20:02] Suki became open to learning about self-help and spirituality after the Sedona trip. It was the beginning of trying to figure out the unseen world. She dabbled in everything and gathered certificate after certificate. [21:37] How all of these events told Suki where her soul needed to go. [23:33] Suki started losing hope and thought she may never find love again. She continued doing the inner work she needed. She met her husband during this time, but they didn't get married for two years. [24:41] Do we really know what we want? We think we know, but is that what we really want. Find things that will make you happy like compassion, understanding and a willingness to grow. Find a Mr. Right that comes from the soul. [26:17] Attraction, lust, and passionate sex can trick us into thinking something is love that can last. If the foundation is shaky things won't last. [27:00] Ask what kind of person do you want holding your hand 50 years from now. [27:26] In order to attract the right relationship, you have to take your own garbage out first. [28:18] Finding negative belief patterns that bring about the wrong type of person and ghosts from the past. We get what we believe. We find what we seek. [29:31] Meditation and muscle testing can be used to get into the subconscious mind. Finding beliefs buried in the subconscious. [32:28] How Suki had to let go of her critical judgments went she met her current husband. She had to surrender to how her soul felt. [33:33] Suki went on a vision quest where she went into the desert fasting to find her gifts. It rained for three days straight. On the third day, the sun broke through and she heard the words shadow cat moon dancer. This means to help people through the dark night of their soul. [35:31] Your life purpose is not something that you can achieve in the next year. It's up to us to manifest our gifts. [37:00] How Suki is living out her spiritual name Shadow Cat Moon Dancer. [38:55] Defining who we really are through our beliefs. Getting to know your true beliefs at the deepest soul level. [40:26] How many women don't have clear boundaries. Boundaries come from knowing what your contribution to society is. Being grounded and having self-respect and self-esteem. [42:12] How coaching is a great way to guide people in this quest. Suki believes that a great coach is a guide who allows the client to unfold. [44:22] Having a partner who is always willing to grow and evolve and working at it constantly. [45:15] Work on yourself first. If you transform and change and approach things with gentle femininity your partner will take notice. [50:41] Suki aims to be a lighthouse that helps people through the dark night of their soul.

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