VLOG: How to bring back your passion for poker

Ok, I admit, it's been awhile. It felt weird to be in front of the camera again. This video blog is all over the place, but luckily, I can make sense of it all here. 

If you clicked on this link because you have lost passion in poker, here is the reason why -- YOU HAVE STOPPED GROWING. Earlier this month, I made the decision to get coached, learn, grow and take risks in poker. Guess what? It's super fun again. 

The beauty in turning poker into a game of learning and improving is that it takes the need to be results oriented out of it. When you're focused on doing your best and learning, it's not the mistakes that matter so much it's the learning! Make a terrible call? GREAT! Something to learn :) 

Shifting our mindset to this is incredibly helpful for our end goal anyway which is to make money. That's just going to be a byproduct. 

One of the ways to cultivate this mindset is to always remind yourself that YOU ARE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU KNOW. That way, we don't waste energy cursing ourselves and instead, focus on HOW DO WE IMPROVE THE PROCESS? 

In poker and in life, if we can look at a result, and take a look at how we arrived at our result with nonjudgement, we will be able to decipher how to recalibrate for the next time in the most efficient way. 

This is all stuff I tried to say in the VLOG. Hope that came across :) 

<3 Kristy