How to (FINALLY) Make a Lifestyle Change

If you've ever had a hard (or impossible) time changing something in your life and wondered why, this podcast is for you. Eric Zimmer, entrepreneur, Behavior Coach and host of The One You Feed podcast, comes on the show to talk about the principles of being able to make sustainable behavior/habit change. 

Time Stamps:

1:55 Kristy gives ways to follow Eric

7:17 Eric talks about his recovery and how he became a facilitator of behavioral change

11:06.500 Eric talks about things he thinks helps a person become stronger through adversity

15:33 Eric talks about dealing with distracting socially acceptable habits/addiction
18:31.500 Eric talks about why it’s hard to make changes

25:12.500 Eric talks about the Fog Behavioral model and using it to succeed in making changes

32:56.500 Eric talks about dealing with emotions in a healthy way

36:06 Eric talks about support systems and alliances

39:54.800 Eric talks about his coaching program

43:06.880 How to connect with Eric

44:27.500 Eric’s call to action


4:57.500 “It goes like this there is a grandfather whose talking with his grandson and he says, ’In life we have two wolves inside of us that are always at battle. One is a kind wolf that represents things like kindness and bravery & love. And the other’s a bad wolf that represents things like greed and hatred & fear.’ And the grandson stops, thinks about it for a second, and looks up at his grandfather and says, ‘well grandfather, which one wins?’ And the grandfather says, ‘the one you feed.’ “ Eric paraphrases proverb

9:59 “Our biggest struggles can often be the thing that catapults us into a new life.” Eric

10:21.750 “ Our hardest points in life can be really transformational for us and can really put us on a path to a better life and really being able to help others.” Eric

32:34.600 “You can’t think your way into right action you have to act your way into right thinking.” Eric

33:26.800 “Our thought processes and behavior are levers we can pull that help us to change our emotions” Eric

42:36.500 “It’s all about being able to decide what’s important & then do it.” Eric


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