The Beauty of Setting Boundaries

Each of us has gifts that we desire to bring to the world. What stops us tends to be our emotions -- the scary ones -- like fear, anger, judgement and shame. Amber Rae, speaker, artist and author of Choose Wonder Over Worry, comes on the podcast about how to create boundaries both with other people and with the scary emotions that visit us. 


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7:36 Amber quotes Steve Jobs “You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking back”. 

14:42 - “Don’t die with your gift still inside” -Amber

16:09 “Always stay true to who you are no matter what other people want or think of you”- Amber’s Dad

25:01:850  “I’m going to burn that sh!t down and rise through those damn ashes!” 🔥🔥🔥-Amber

Time Stamps:

5:14 - Kristy gives ways to follow Amber Rae’s work

7:20 - Amber talks about connecting the dots; melding her passions 

12:28 - Amber talks about beginning to wonder about the human condition and why we do the things we do

18:35 Amber talks about facing & learning lessons from her internal darkness 

22:04 Amber talks about discernment and boundaries

24:48 Amber talks about becoming aware of the false story she created in her mind & burning that sh!t down

26:00 Amber talks about the process of unraveling the false stories with true positive ones

30:12.300 Amber talks about the importance of boundaries and how to set them

37:53.500 what’s next for Amber

43:10 Amber talks about looking inward at our own wounds and creating from that place