Secrets to Create and Ride Your Own Tsunami of Success with Ed O'Keefe

As 2016 comes to a close and I begin to dream about 2017, I am so excited that Ed O'Keefe's book, "Time Collapsing: The New Art of Speed, Power, Money, and Meaning" has come into my life. And my hope is you'll walk away from this last interview of the year with a new perspective to make 2017 your best yet. Not only is Ed a father of 7 (all under the age of 12), he's an incredibly successful entrepreneur. He went from completely broke to cracking the code to starting and taking multiple businesses from zero to multiple 7 and 8 figures. Over the years, with his passion for studying high performers and through his own business experience, he has distilled down the time-collapsing strategies that help people get from point A to point B with record speed.

In this interview, Ed talks about:

  • Examples of time collapsars
  • How leapfrog to success
  • What it means to create your own tsunami with results
  • The mistake high achievers make of falling into a permission trap

The song featured on the show is called, "Slow Burn" by Autograf.


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