But... did you die?

I was sitting at the poker table the other day, losing a bunch, and being bummed out. Then suddenly, I thought to myself, "Damn, at least I'm not DEAD!" In that moment, I shifted from, "This sucks," to "I might as well have fun and GO FOR IT!" For the past few years, I've really been contemplating my relationship with death. I'd previously always avoided it because it was scary, but eventually, I learned to use it as a gauge of how important things really are.

"Traffic blows!" --> at least I get to be in traffic

"My husband is being a jerk!" --> but what if he died? Would I still hold a grudge?

"I'm scared what people will think!!"  --> that's what my sister said when my friends and I challenged her to take a risk and sing outrageously in a restaurant.

We told her to remember, "We all gon' die so might as well RISK!"

She crushed it. When she sat back down we were all like...

The only way we can TRULY live is by coming to terms with our own impermanence. What's between what we have and what we desire is risk. Knowing we are all going to die can be the opening we need to take risks AND have fun along the way.

Life is the journey.

(I made whole video blog about this topic. Watch it below.)



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