Are You Addicted to Achievement and Doing?

Today’s world is GO GO GO, and for many people, doing and achieving has become an addiction (sheepishly raises hand). From the outside, it can look like drive and motivation, but on the inside, it can feel like a constant and endless search to feel “enough.”

You know you’re an addict if…

  • You have a hard time celebrating wins (if at all)
  • You are constantly feeling guilty at the end of the day because you didn’t get enough done
  • You keep saying, “As soon as I xxx, I will be happy/calm/peaceful etc”
  • Sitting still is impossible
  • No matter the achievement, you’re still left feeling not good enough

Today on the podcast, we tackle this topic with a former achievement addict and current Leadership Coach, Bristol Baughan. Keep in mind, as you read this bio, this is one human…

Bristol is an Executive Producer of Emmy-winning and Oscar-Nominated films and has had her work featured on HBO, Paramount, and Showtime. She’s founder of Inner Astronauts, a Leadership Coaching practice to support people in thriving at work and coming fully alive in service to the world.

After a decade of starting companies and making award-winning films she spent seven years studying behavior and consciousness around the world including a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology, a Mastermind Coach Training with Alyssa Nobriga, and hundreds of hours of one-on-one coaching.

She has learned skills across modern and ancient modalities including Person-Centered Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Gestalt, and Somatic Meditation. She has gone on pilgrimage with Tibetan monks in India, studied Tantric & Hatha Yoga in Thailand.

Clearly, she is an action taker, but on the podcast, she opens up about healing from achievement addiction. We both come clean about where this need arises from, and how to take steps towards inner peace.  


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