Transform Your Life: 10 Principals of Abundance and Prosperity

Never enough.

Doesn’t it seem to feel that way? Like no matter how hard you work, you can’t get ahead? Like climbing up a downhill escalator?

I felt like that before my personal development journey began. My days were jam packed with endless to-dos, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t save money.

So, when I attended on of my first workshops, and I heard Chris Lee say “abundance is a mindset,” I didn’t believe him. Chris is transformational facilitator, coach and TV personality. He’s also author of the best-selling book, “Transform Your Life: 10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity.”

But being the good student that I am (thanks to my aggressive tiger mom), I gave it a go. I put the 10 Principles at work in my life and so did my husband.

The first principle is GIVING! Be a giver first. This means being giving in all senses of the word including your love. We tend to think that we’ll give our family time when work slows down or we’ll give money to good causes once we hit a certain financial benchmark, but that kind of thinking keeps us in scarcity. When we are generous with our time, it comes back to us. This isn’t just woo woo!

When you give, people notice. Bosses notice. Spouses notice. Clients notice. They give back in reciprocity. In just a few months, the results for us were remarkable. That same year, we moved into our dream condo in our dream city of San Diego. And not only did we make more money than ever before, but we’d never been happier or more in love.

Over the next couple years, I got to staff and coach alongside him. I can vouch from personal experience with this man, he knows what’s up.

Get a pen and pencil handy and listen up. When you’re finished, let us know what your big aha is and what you’re going to implement right away. Tag us!

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Show Notes: [1:02] First of all, before I get started I actually just wanted to acknowledge you because you've made such an impact in my life. You've known my story I have shared on this podcast so much about it but. You were one of the biggest reasons I still have my marriage.

[2:19] But first I really want to introduce you to my audience who doesn't know you as well as I do. So could you give us a little bit about your backstory and how come this park is so important to you.

[2:30] Well I'm from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I grew up there I moved there from New York when I was one and my family spent the first five years in the Old City in Old San Juan. So it's such a rich place with so much culture. And it was a very happy time. And when I was 6 my father decided to leave our family and he left and never came back.

[2:56] And so that was a very traumatic moment for me in my life. I felt abandoned and I felt unworthy and being the youngest as well of five kids. I was like always left behind. And so that was that was pretty much the foundation of my mission to really not only develop my self-worth and develop my emotional intelligence but to also see how these tools could support other people.

[3:56] And then there was this one workshop that a friend of mine did that changed her life. She was a good friend of mine from school and for some reason, I resisted it the most. And so it took her a year and a half to get me to go. And after finally, I said OK I'm going to go do this. It completely created a massive revolution in my thinking. And so that's when I realized that who we are as who we choose to be and that we have the power to create what we want.

[6:36] And that led to my own principles and that led to my own work in my own workshop and developing it into the point where now we have transformed your life. Ten Principles of Abundance and Prosperity and through of course the work of transformation I do workshops all over the world specifically the United States at a place called Choice Center which is absolutely incredible which is where we met and Choice Center is a place a university a leadership University. Emotional intelligence is one of the most powerful tools you can ever implement in your life. And I also work with celebrities I coached celebrities I coach heads of companies and you know people in different arenas to really bring out their authentic selves and bring out the most effective part of them to make a massive difference.

[10:11] Most people are always looking at what they are not what they don't have what they haven't accomplished what's wrong with them. And guys I do this work every week and there's and of course it's critical to do that to see OK this is what I need to fix.

[10:32] And so by me acknowledging my worth and acknowledging all the gifts and blessings I had in my life and those of you listening think about what are you worth. What are the blessings in your life? What are the priceless things that you wouldn't trade for any amount of money? And so it's about gratitude and gratitude is me highlighting every gift I have from the fact that I'm breathing to the fact that I could see I could listen I could hear I could walk I could talk. There's so many you know in the book I say we're already billionaires we just don't know.

[12:07] So one of my quotes in the book is when I live in gratitude. Life will give me more to be grateful for when I live in gratitude. Life will give me more to be grateful for. So that's a bug that's an attitude of gratitude. Prosperity is a byproduct.

[15:17] Yeah. It's such an important exercise I think. I challenge you guys to do that right now or after we just just write down the things that you're great at the things that you can give the world the things that you have accomplished and really take time.

[18:56] And so one of the key principles are or ways or strategies of letting go through forgiveness, forgiveness of your forgiveness of others as long as you're mad at somebody they have your power. As long as you're mad at yourself then you are powerless to move forward. So letting go is it really it encompasses a lot of things.

[21:06] and that's what I'm in now you are able to create that space to attract in my life somebody who's been a partner a soul mate who respects me. We share the same vision we share values principles. We don't disrespect. We don't talk bad to each other. We don't scream. We don't say bad words we are just very loving and honorable with each other the way relationships were meant to be.

[23:44] I mean look what's happening now with all these incredibly talented actors and producers and screenwriters that are just being outed for being predators someone is completely out of integrity. It's out of integrity for me to solicit you to have sex. And you say no to me insist on it anyway. It's out of integrity for me to drug you or for me to rip you off or steal from you or lie to you. I mean that just out of integrity and integrity is also about being whole and complete with yourself. You know you're you're acting inconsistently with what you say matters to you-you're out of integrity. So you say your health matters but you smoke. You say your family matters but you don't spend time with them. You say your wife matters but you never spend time with her. You say that your children matter but you don't listen to them.

[26:28] I write principle for visualization. This is fun because you know everything was once a vision and then like one of my favorite quotes like Disney said if you have the power of your dream it is the power to achieve it. And think of all the things we can create when we use our imagination. Another quote imagination is more important than knowledge.

[28:54] And my message to everyone listening is if you have the power to imagine it you have the power to create it in the current moment. So visualization is beautiful.

[30:08] For example if you feel that you're not worth anything you create an affirmation. Like I am a valuable worthy man. So basically you're creating an affirmation. Let's say you want confident speaking in public because you're terrified of public speaking. So you create an affirmation where the words that represent what you want. So I am a powerful influential motivational speaker you know.

[34:15] Like your marriage you get to choose it every day. It's not you chose it when you chose it. It's I choose it now and I choose it now and I choose it now it's something that's a work in progress so that persistence is really about choosing the goal over and over and turning any breakdowns that could happen into an opportunity. And in the book once again I teach you how to do that.

[38:37] If it's to be it's up to me and when I lived these previous principles I start not only creating big things I attract I attract people in my life opportunities investments jobs relationships. I stopped having to look for work twenty years ago I stopped having to work for a paycheck. Twenty years ago 30 years ago sorry I stopped having to have what I want 30 years ago because I shifted into this energy and I could tell you hands down the avalanche of love and support and work and health and just it all comes back to you when you're sourcing but there's no place like being responsible and there's no apparent victim.

[42:23] The big thing for me is humility because when you're in this work for so long and people all over the world are admiring you and loving you and you know it to be the big thing that's coming up for me is it's not about me. It's about the information or the message of the vehicle.