The Art of Making Things Happen

On today's episode, I interview Steve Sims, the world's first luxury concierge. Steve is the visionary and founder of a company called Bluefish. Bluefish makes all of their clients' fantasies and wildest dreams come true. Whether that is visiting the International Space Station or taking a submarine to the Titanic, Steve makes it happen. Through Steve's journey, he has learned that failure is what has helped him move forward in life. He has been a bricklayer, a doorman, unemployed, etc., but what helped him move forward is his ability to allow failure but not be defined by it. He recommends failing daily and if you are an entrepreneur, you should be failing often because it's the only way you will grow.

Listen to learn how to move forward with what you want and get shit done.

You can find Steve Sims here: Steve Sims Buy the book Blue Fishing here: Blue Fishing: The Art of Making Things Happen

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Show Notes: [07:59] It's so so interesting that you launched this business and it's evolved and basically out of that it named itself you've got to really put the definition of creating your own world. So I would love to know a little bit of the history of your incredible company like one of a kind company. What had you began did you just see that I could really create these incredible events for people or how did that evolve.
[08:31] Yeah I sat down and I did a 400 page PowerPoint. And I studied in Harvard for four years I'm now so complete and utter B.S. I was a doorman at a nightclub in Hong Kong because I'd lost my job. I'm British I lived in London. I got this chance of a job in Hong Kong. I went over for a in one day and they fired me. So I'm stuck in Hong Kong with no job no future. And I ended up working on the dole you know luckily this is an audio podcast and not a video so I can convince you that I'm about 150 pounds. The simple fact is I'm about 250 pounds of ugly. So God created me for that. So I did what I was for I started working on the door. Started throwing parties.
[09:18] And quite simply at that time I thought I'm gonna invite rich people poor people come pay me and rich people are the chances of employing people so it makes sense. It sounds rude but you know hopefully I told myself if I've got like 50 rich people in the know in the nightclub maybe one of them will offer me a job and that was the whole premise behind it.
[19:09] Now, entrepreneurs, there is one trait an entrepreneur needs and it's to become comfortable with being uncomfortable because shit goes wrong when you're an entrepreneur if you haven't been sued broke ripped off let down disappointed that it's it's going to happen because that's what happens to entrepreneurs.I just tried it and I failed more times than anybody else. I fail weekly if not daily and those five years are quite simply just educational what not to do. And I allow failure to find me and not define me.
[38:01] If you've got people in your life the naysayers. They say "that doesn't sound like a good idea, we shouldn't try that" you want to get those people out of your life from a place where people go why shouldn't we tried that what's the downside if we tried marketing campaigns and it fails, are the lights still going to be on? If yes they are then hell that's the one we should try because you can only go forward by trying new things.
[42:59] Beginning to let go of control or trust in other people brings up some level of fear for people. I love what you say when you say you can you can only grow by giving other people responsibility and also that gives them the opportunity to grow into. And I'm curious so your company Blue Fish, what do you see for in the future and are you constantly asking yourself what things can I delegate still or are you really clear with what it is that you want to be doing currently and it's kind of set?
[43:44] So in my business when things are happening them I like to try new concepts allowed to try new markets are allowed to try new demographics dynamics countries are allowed to try new things. It's what keeps my interest.
[45:18] So in my business when things are happening them I like to try new concepts allowed to try new markets are allowed to try new demographics dynamics countries are allowed to try new things. It's what keeps my interest.
[47:41] So if you're worried about offending somebody maybe they shouldn't be in your circle because maybe they should be part of the problem solution. Maybe those people shouldn't be in your circle. I'm having a bad day. Something's wrong here. I'm not happy. Will you help me? And as the person turns around says no. Maybe not person should be in your circle and if you're offended then what are you lost. Totally. I'm actually a great believer and this might sound silly or it may be plausible to any of you out that I'm a great believer in being selfish. I am an amazingly selfish, self-centered person. I don't do anything that doesn't benefit me.
[50:23] I want to try some different. I always want to try something different I want to experience something different because only once I've experienced it well I know do I like.
[52:04] I think what they need to do first of all is clean house. I would suggest the cleaning house is imperative. You can't run up a hill when you are too much baggage. So clean house get rid of those people that are irritating aggravating zapping your energy and focus on the good stuff.