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Today’s Episode:

Today, I want to talk about an incredible and powerfully impactful social movement. That is riding on the courage of many women. Last week the story broke out about several women accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. This is such a big deal. Especially, with the number of women that have spoken out and the large time span over which the occurrences happened.

Harvey Weinstein is a huge and powerful Hollywood figure. He is a film producer who in 1979 cofounded Miramax with his brother. Miramax has produced many popular films like Pulp Fiction. Harvey has won academy awards for producing Shakespeare in Love and Tony awards for The Producers and Billy Elliot the Musical. He is a massively powerful person in Hollywood.

The questions that so many people have been asking in the face of these accusations are how come it took so long for people to come out with this information and why is this just coming out now? He has been in the industry for decades. People are really looking at the power dynamic. Many actresses were afraid of coming out with these accusations and being blacklisted. Even men weren’t sure how to stand up against this. Now that the accusations are out, many people are banding together and saying, “me too”.


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Show Notes

[03:32] How Alyssa Milano tweeted "me too" and how thousands of women are joining in with their own stories with the hashtag #MeToo. [03:48] How we are holding shame for these things that are hard to talk about, yet people are being met with love and kindness. [04:37] There has been some conversation that we are shaming men by telling our story. These conversations can be had without shaming men. That is not going to further the conversation. [05:40] We need to share what we have experienced and share raw, honest experience of what it feels like to be run over and assaulted. [05:36] We need to say here is what I experienced and bring real authentic, honest and raw pain of how it feels to be passed over, run over, assaulted, and cat called. [06:16] In so many ways, men have been conditioned, so it is important for us to share in a way that is real for them. Now men are sharing #ItWasMe stories. [07:18] Men have been sharing how some of their actions were conscious and this is coming from women sharing in a vulnerable way. [07:23] Men can hear and choose differently and give themselves permission to have been wrong and choose differently. [07:48] Justin Bonomo wrote an incredible post that gave Kristy a deeper sense of empathy for what men go through. [09:30] Justin's message to women and how he vows to be an ally going forward. [10:09] As women, let's share our stories and call forth the best in men instead of making them wrong. [10:52] As a woman in the male dominated poker field, I have experienced slights and harassment, but I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge men in a positive way and recognize behavior and the power that men have and the wonderful ways in which they contribute. [12:50] We need to teach men respect and kindness and not to get physical with a woman. [13:11] Physical violence is never acceptable. The more we take action on that it will show that it is not okay. [14:33] Kristy shares how she drank too much and was laying down and a guy came in the room, but another guy stopped him from whatever he was up to. [15:43] This person had the best parents and they were great people. Thank you for watching out for me. [16:17] I had the best high school sweetheart and she still cares about him today and hopes he does well and is happy. [17:07] In college, I drank a lot. Fortunately, I was in situations where I was surrounded by great men who didn't take advantage of me. I am really grateful for these men. [18:48] To the wonderful amazing incredible men who are protectors of women. Thank you. [19:45] Your love needs to be seen and heard, and you don't need to be lumped in with men who are treating women poorly. [20:14] No woman deserves to be touched inappropriately. Women deserve to be cared for. [20:39] Women should also be mindful of their situations and drinks and alcohol and create space and boundaries and have responsibility on both sides.


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