Anna Crowe on Building a Business From the Ground Up

What does it look like when a person gathers all of her life experiences to find her true calling and build a successful business from the ground up? Look no further than Anna Crowe, CEO of Crowe PR.

A public relations and branding expert, Anna has more than 14 years of integrated marketing communications experience, and has worked with iconic brands such as Capitol Records, AT&T,Sony, Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole, and Jennifer Lopez.

Looking for own creative freedom, in 2014, she founded Crowe PR. In two short years, the company has quickly with an impressive client list with range of companies, brands and industries—from popular lifestyle brands and consumer tech to promising start-ups and Fortune 500 leaders.

Anna also teaches undergraduate marketing courses at University of San Diego’s School of Business Administration, has been actively involved with the San Diego County Medical Society Foundation and serves on the board of San Diego-based animal charity, Art for Barks. All this, while her top priority is her husband and two sons. 

I know what you're thinking... is she super human? 

On this episode we talk about:

  • Finding your path and what that really looks like
  • How not to get overwhelmed when you’re going for your dreams
  • What it means to have it all
  • The importance of company culture
  • She even gives me tips as to what to do as a budding brand myself with this podcast


The song featured on this podcast is "Slow Burn" by Autograf