A Personal Experience of Life after Death with Dan Cox

What happens when you die? Today on the podcast, we explore this existential question with a gentleman who actually did die. Twelve years ago, Dan Cox, a decorated Vietnam Veteran and Mental Mindset Coach, suffered from a massive heart attack. By all accounts, he was dead. Luckily, because he was in the hospital when it happened, doctors were able to resuscitate him and perform life-saving surgery. "Afterward, I felt cheated. I didn’t get to look down at my body or see the white light. All I saw was darkness," said Dan. 

But as time went on, Dan began to see the gift in his second chance at life. He committed himself to helping others create what they want in life through Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. One of the most effective tools he uses is visualization.

Here's what we discuss:

  • Why visualization is so effective
  • The connection between visualization and muscle memory
  • We actually don't use 10% of our brain, we are only aware of 10% of what the brain is doing (conscious vs subconscious)
  • Steps to using hypnotherapy on ourselves

And when asked what's most important that listeners take away from hearing his interview, this is what he said:

Don't put your happiness off until tomorrow since tomorrow may never come.

To learn more about Dan, go to his website or email him at coachdancox@gmail.com


The song featured on this show is "Slow Burn" by Autograf.