Fate, Fear and Standing in Your Vision - with Michelle Patterson

When Michelle Patterson was in 8th grade, she struggled to fit in at school, but when she had the opportunity to interview the Governor of the California at the time, George Deukmejian, everything changed. When the interview was over, Deukmajian leaned down and said, "That was the best interview I've ever had." From that moment on, Michelle's view of herself shifted. She mattered. And she had a voice. Little did she know that almost 30 years later, Michelle would have the opportunity to continue a legacy that Deukmajian started - The California Women's Conference.

In 1985, after discovering the alarming rate of failure of women-owned business, Deukmajian started the conference as a way for women to come together and gain the support they need to succeed personally and professionally. The event grew in exposure every year, attracting speakers include the Dalai Lama, Oprah and Barbara Walters.

The conference is now led Patterson who is CEO of Women Network, a media and production company. She is also founder of Global Women Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity created to bring women together to create global change by empowering them to transform their communities, which will be benefiting from the proceeds of the event. 

This May, the California Women’s Conference will celebrate its 30th year and will take place May 10-11 at the Long Beach Convention Center. The two-day event will feature several hundred speakers, including thought leaders, entertainers, entrepreneurs and industry executives who are committed to improving the lives of women. 

I'll be speaking at the conference as well! There are tickets and VIP tables still available. I would LOVE to see you there.


(The song featured on this show is "Slow Burn" by Autograf.)