The Completely Counterintuitive Secret to High-Quality Results

What are the fundamental ways of being to have quality results in your life?

Is it having patience? Is it your mindset? Today, in the first part of a two-part episode, I interview Chris Pimmer, instructor of Self Mastery: Upgrade Your Mindset & Thought Patterns.

Chris Pimmer is a philosopher, instructor on Udemy, a Taoist, a thinker, and a writer. He knows four languages, was a semi-pro basketball player and has lost over 70 pounds. He credits his most triumphant moments or the times when life shifted for him to slowing down and having patience.

During a difficult period in his life when he did not want to leave his house or see friends, Chris was introduced to the book, The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence by Josh Waitzkin. This book resonated very deeply with him and was an inspiration to change the way he was living.

Chris explains that we tend to overestimate what we do in a week and underestimate what we can do in over a year. He says it is better to be consistent (not perfect) over an extended period rather than 100% all of the time because we are more likely to give up if we do not see results right away.

In this episode, we uncover how to stay patient while waiting for results. Listen as we discuss how to have quality results by slowing down and keeping your patience in check.

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  Show Notes: [01:48] I'm committed to making it a priority to actually do that for 2018. Review the year and take in the best of what I've learned into 2018 and I've made that a priority due to in large part the influence of our guest today. His name is Chris Palmer. I talked about him on a risk every day about how you magically came into my life and taught me so much. [04:22] Often we think that we need to push push push against or or or go harder and faster and that may not actually create quality. And what I love about Chris is that he's really applied this to all aspects the way he teaches. The way he plays poker the way he speaks the way he's learned four different languages the way he lost one hundred pounds which we're going to talk about on the podcast as well. [08:37] I thought God am I going to do here now. I have no idea what I like what I want even though I had done so many things in my life. I was absolutely unaware of all the things that I had done and what they actually meant. That came years later only. So for example I once fell in love with a Brazilian girl and she didn't know how to speak German. I'm from Germany so the next day I bought a book to learn Portuguese and a couple of months later I was able to talk to her. And I wasn't even aware that that was something that I really loved. Like the learning of something was the key thing here for me. And it took me so long to discover to even. You [11:29] And slowly a very deep depression started to come over me. I started to isolate myself not to try to be with anyone not trying to have any contact with anyone anymore. And that depression. Got only worse over the next couple of years. And. In 2012 we're talking here 2007 so 2012 five years later I finally was able to get out of the Depression using a lot of the techniques that I. Try to learn all the time myself and then employ them in my own life. And those five years fields feel like I completely lost them. Like gone for my life. And so this time you were learning. [18:45] If there weren't that part you mean by accepting by accepting that hey why not try something new why not be open to this and changing a word Tao into literally anything like. I think what helped me the most with the book was that I for some reason that I cannot say I don't know. I always thought about after reading one verse. Usually I didn't read more than one verse. And it has eighty one of them. [30:43] I try to be present for it. I think presence and quality go sort of hand in hand if you're not present for something. You will have a hard time to give it your best and giving your best. Sounds like an effort again. But we're talking about effortless giving your best. I always imagine some martial artists for example that looks just so fluid so. Gracious. When moving and you feel like oh this is exactly what effortless looks like. But it took them tons and tons of training rehearsal. [36:16] But I think the key here is the more and more it's promising it's improving. I feel more joy. No not everything has to be slow I think because like it says it's not about just being slow it means effortless doing effortless doing can also be fast doesn't have to be slow if you feel great with something and if it comes from inside of you just do it fast. That's fine. But when it involves something like chess or poker or some other mental cognitive disciplines you sometimes want to think a little longer or at least take a little more time so that you can. [47:52] But if you do feel something inside that something is right something usually is not right. Doesn't mean that it has to be wrong but something is going on that you should explore and take serious and there are certain triggers like every time you say it feels like this or my gut tells me this or that. Those are sort of trigger moments so whenever you feel yourself saying that to yourself or you. [57:49] No matter what part of our lives we're doing it and I see this example all the time when people start new year's resolutions and they go I'm going to go to the gym every day for two hours for you know the rest of the year and that's like there's a new year's resolution and then like a weekend like still hard. It's too much or at least I mean that's what that's one kind of example that I've seen and you know I just would love to bring this kind of all together and what I really have taken from this hour together on quality is. [1:12] And after a couple days or even weeks I started to have that streak of having so many days in a row what I was like wow OK let's do more than 10 days. There's 250 days as did 20 days and all of a sudden without realizing it because I was so focused on putting in the right numbers. I had a 100 days. Now I have a 209 days of doing that exact diet all the time or actually even more because I left out some days while I was on vacation.