Learn to Eat Right for YOUR Body

The word "diet" has always made me sad. When I hear it, I think of restriction, hunger, and weight loss. After speaking with Entrepreneur and host of the Learn True Health podcast, Ashley James, I have a completely different take on it. On Part 1 of my interview with Ashley, she talks about her story of healing and curing diabetes, hormone issues, fatigue and chronic infections all through holistic medicine. What's most incredible is that after being told by doctors she would never have children, she was able to have a healthy baby boy.

Ashley says that given that we are all biochemically different, it makes sense that we also all have different needs when it comes to food intake. Food allergies can cause autoimmune conditions for which doctors will prescribe all kinds of drugs to treat the symptoms. However, she insists, through research and personal experience, that we can gain control of our own health simply by figuring out what kinds of foods cause inflammation in your body.

And because Ashley believes well-rounded well being, she doesn't not believe in complete restriction. However, it's important that we know there will be consequences to the choices we make. After talking to her, I now see "diet" as just an awareness and strategy to increase metabolism, energy, vitality, emotional state, immune system response and to prevent cancer. That doesn't sound sad anymore :)


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