What's Missing When Having It All Isn't Enough

Kenny Alhadeff comes from a historic seven-generation Seattle family which owned and operated Longacres Race Course. From the outside, Kenny had it all. He had a successful career, family, money, cars... but something was missing. For a decade, he suffered under the grips of addiction. He nearly lost everything in his attempt to fill a hole which Kenny says, can only be filled by spirituality.

"There is a spiritual hole inside of us. You can't fill it with a royal flush. You can't fill it with a $200 million lottery ticket, a new Bentley or a Learjet. They just don't fit in there. What fits in that hole is spirituality, however they find."

Kenny says spirituality is cornered on two principles about a higher power:

  1. There is one
  2. I'm not it.

Kenny has been sober since 1984. Today, he is chairman of Elttaes Enterprises, owner of the Majestic Bay Theatres, and is a partner/producer of Junkyard Dog Productions, a theatrical producing organization dedicated to the development and production of new musical theatre. His latest musical, Come From Away began its' Broadway run with previews at New York's Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. Among many philanthropic causes Kenny supports, he serves as board president of Northwest School for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children and board member of The 5th Avenue Theatre.


Come From Away 


The song featured on the show is called, "Slow Burn" by Autograf.