I've seen some shit

I've seen some shit.

I have seen the most miraculous, holy balls, can’t believe it, how-the-hell-did-that-happen shit. I’ve seen a couple friends of mine lost over 100 pounds. I’ve seen a guy who was told he had stage 4 cancer and no options because chemo would kill him, find care outside outside the US to get himself cancer free in 1 year. I’ve seen people meet the love of their life on dating apps. I’ve seen people go to trainings because they are looking to have life be different and haven’t found a way on their own. I’ve seen people quit their jobs to pursue their dreams. It’s remarkable the risks I see people take.

And in every single case, I’ve seen people hate on them. They hate how they accomplished their goals or what it it looks like. “Really? You’re doing that” “Oh but they took the easy way” “That doesn’t matter because they had help.” And then they hate on failures and missteps.

But that’s where the magic is. Being afraid and doing it anyway.

No matter what you do, there will be critics, throwing tomatoes from the stands. But please know, these critics would rather be in the arena playing with you- they just don’t know how to get in the game.

So shine bright anyway. Play so big that the critics can’t help but join in the game.

Risk. Everyday.

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