I'm in BEAST MODE! (Insanity Results)

Definition of Beast Mode: used to describe a person in a state of feeling physically and/or mentally superior. In other words, “ready to ride or die.” EXAMPLE: Male—“I’m liftin’100 lb dumbbells 9 times son, no spot. Getting pool ready! I’m in beast mode!”

Female—“I been workin’ out and my ass is lookin hot! Imma rage and drink at least five martinis girl. I’m in beast mode.”

This “beast mode” talk has been an inside joke between me and a few of my friends. It’s sort of a half serious, half joking bit that allows us to all let our inner d-bag out. Hahaha, come on, you know you have a little bit of “The Situation” inside of you.

As many of you know, Donnie Peters (PN Lead Blogger) and I had a $500 prop bet on completing Insanity. For those of you guys who don't know, Insanity is a 60-day workout program that is exactly as hard as it sounds. The first week, I could barely walk, and I seriously wondered WTF I was thinking. There were lots of times that I regretted making the bet (like when I was sweating my balls off at 4 a.m. after working all day, or when I had to pass up martinis on many occasions because I still hadn’t done my workout for the day), but in the end, it was worth it. A few people on FaceBook wanted to see pics which is a little embarrassing, but whatever, I try not to hold back on my Blog, so here it is! Ahhh, don't laugh!! I cut out my face because I looked crazy and had no make up on. Also, I apologize for the nasty sweat marks in the middle pic (Insanity makes you DROWN in sweat). The left pic is before starting Insanity, the middle is from the halfway point, and the right one is from today.


I don’t have crazy results like the before and after pics on the infomercials, but I’m so much stronger. I was in OK shape before I started. I don't think many people can recognize there's a difference, but I see and feel it BIG TIME. At first I was frustrated because I just kept gaining weight during the first month, but by the second month, I leaned out a little. I got back to my starting weight, but with way more muscle. I play soccer every Monday (that I'm actually in town), and Andrew says I now beast-mode steam-roll all the moms on the other team... hehe whoops. Also, there are fit tests every two weeks, and I crushed my numbers every time.  Now, I’m basically in beast mode all the time!

My Examples (based on true events):

“Babe, can you open this jar of pickles for me? Wait a minute, I CAN OPEN MYSELF! Booooom. Beast mode.”

“Ugh, I hate opening the door to Subway because it’s so heavy… WHOA! I swung it open so hard and easily I almost broke it! Dizzaaam! Beast mode.”

“I’m gonna dance in the club all night long and toot it and boot it on the back of a couch so easily cuz I been doin them squats! Well hello there Young Gangsta.”



Yikes...  WTF? Who am I? Idk, guess I was just beasting.

Moving on! The picture I used at the top of this blog update is one that I photoshopped of my friend Garry Gates (click here to watch Garry in classic beast mode). He’s been on a major health kick, eating healthy (except for Saturdays – watch out) and working with a personal trainer. Just FYI, he’s so far from being a d-bag but is loving the results physically and mentally from making health a priority. Also, I must give credit where credit is due… the term “beast mode” was coined by Tony Moreno after a major confidence-boosting workout (edit: while listening to this song)

So what I’m trying to say is that staying in shape and eating even somewhat healthily can make a huge difference in your confidence. Obviously, it goes without saying that too much “love for yourself” can become d-baggy like I mentioned before, but there’s nothing wrong with feeling good about your new-found abs. Just don’t do this…

I highly recommend Insanity. It’s perfect for people who are on the road a lot because you can do it in a hotel room. It feels so good to have completed a goal. It was so hard, but what's great about it is that there's really no thinking involved. There's a schedule, a DVD, and a dude who tells you what to do. And, if you listen, you'll be in the best shape of your life. I must be addicted because I've already started round 2 and plan to integrate some P90x into my schedule too. I love me some AB RIPPER!! :)

Until next time, I’ll be in BEAST MODE!


P.S. Know who’s always in beast mode? Charlie Sheen… (btw, after posting this, I’m officially over him and never mentioning him or #winning again.)

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