How to be Charismatic -with Charlie Houpert

What is charisma?

According to “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.”

To bring it into visual terms-- bring to mind the most charismatic person you know. When they walk into a room, everyone notices. When they speak, people lean in. Others desire to be around them.

The next question is- Can you learn to be charismatic?

My guest today says YES! Charlie Houpert is a former shy guy and Co Founder of Charisma On Command, a Youtube Channel with over 1.2 million subscribers, dedicated to teaching people how to be charismatic. The videos are incredibly entertaining and informative about topics such as body language, mindsets shifts for confidence and how to use language effectively. He even uses real-life examples of how celebrities use their charisma to tell interesting stories, make people laugh and make themselves memorable.

According Charlie, “The idea that you are either born with it or you’re not is a destructive myth created by people who want to justify their own deficiencies. Charisma is a skill.”  Charlie knows this first hand. He grew up painfully shy until he decided that to live his best life, he must learn to engage and connect. He immersed himself in learning. Charlie shares his story as well as actionable steps you can take today to up level your charisma.

If you’ve ever felt awkward, unsure or anxious in social settings, this interview is for you.

For more, make sure you subscribe to his YouTube Channel and check out - There you’ll find the blog as well as more info on Charisma University, an online course to bring out your unique charm.