How to Grant Yourself the Permission to Leap with Bri Seeley

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Today’s Episode:

 Bri Seeley MeditationI have been asking myself WTF am I doing with my life a lot lately. I always say that it is about the question and not necessarily the answer. It’s about having the question empower us to choose what we want to create with our lives. By asking these questions we really get to know what is important and what we want to create.

As I write my WTF Am I Doing With My Life book, I have been going through the process of how to choose what we want. I also keep asking myself why do I keep having to go through this process and answer this question. Just as I am finishing up my first draft, Bri Seeley pops back into my life and messages me about her new book Permission to Leap which will be released on November 14th.

Bri and I recorded a podcast last year about how to co-create with the universe. Bri is a coach, author, speaker, blogger, and podcaster who helps women turn their inner visions into outer realities. Today, we talk about the concepts in Bri’s book and how to take a look at what you want in life. Bri talks about how she came up against her own blocks and had to give herself permission to leap along with a lot of other great insights.

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[Tweet theme="tweet-box-shadow"]“By saying yes to yourself, you are opening the gateway to create what is within you.” Bri Seeley[/Tweet]

Bri Seeley Meditating in nature

Show Notes

[06:34] Kristy acknowledges Bri for who she is and the actions and risks she takes and how she makes a difference to her audience. [07:31] How sometimes Bri feels like what she is doing is never enough, but that's a byproduct of being a high achieving person. [08:32] Bri decided to change her trajectory and switch to a 7-figure business. Realignment also has to happen. [10:02] Everything that was working last year, stopped working this year. Bri decided to write her book and see where it goes from there. [12:44] Being sure that you are truly committed to the project or change. [13:32] Deepening the practice and the pause before you take off. [15:14] How there is always a journey and impactful people are always questioning how to take things to the next level. [16:34] How Bri has been struggling because things are manifested in a physical form. She has a lot of different things going and that she is doing the job of 15 different people. [17:33] How we often wait for external validation to say yes to our dreams. These things can happen, but they often don't. They only person that is going to give you permission to say yes to what you want in the world is you. [18:53] Permission to Leap is about saying yes to yourself. By saying yes to yourself you are allowing the universe to step in and create what is within you. [19:58] Choosing to leap or not, either way you need to choose a side or else create stagnation. [21:19] How meditation is a practice and getting familiar with the different parts of yourself. [23:40] How Bri can feel her intuition by getting to know the bits and pieces of herself. [25:40] Alignment and the things that align to your old trajectory, may not align to your new trajectory. Some things will need to fall away and create space to come into existence. [27:26] Taking a leap of faith and creating something out of nothing. [28:10] How to find trust and faith when we aren't sure, by going back to whatever we have faith in right now. [29:01] There is no right or wrong. Sometimes choosing a leap will turn into something else. [30:15] Asking what you have learned and moving forward or redefining the moment. [32:17] Clarity and tapping into the energy of the future. You can get amazing energy and insights by using the energy of the future. Open up to a time and place where it has already happened and tap into that. [33:54] Confirmation or that double check moment. This is when the universe makes sure that you are committed. [38:02] How it is so hard to step towards the unknown future. The prior steps keep you moving. [40:02] Inspired action, putting the pieces together, and taking the leap. It is an inspired action that comes from within. [40:44] Bri asks what actions she should take each day to move towards her goals. She does the ones that scare her the most because they create the biggest impact. [42:07] Do the things that make the most impact. Fear indicates an action will take you out of your comfort zone. [42:57] Feedback. In order to stay aligned with your vision, you need to know how it is working, feeling, and creating impact. Move forward with the actions that work with feedback loops. [45:20] Bring explains how to get advance copies digital copies of Permission to Leap. With a PDF version and free Kindle version. [47:49] Stepping back and trusting that the book is done. [50:25] Bri is writing the book to support and help people with saying yes to their visions.

[Tweet theme="tweet-box-shadow"]“The only person that is going to give you permission to say yes to what you want in the world is you.” Bri Seeley[/Tweet]

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