Escaping the Chinese Mafia with Sabastian Huynh

Sabastian Huynh was staring down the barrel of a gun pointed at him at age 17 when he realized that he was in so much emotional pain, he didn’t care whether or not he was killed. An immigrant of Vietnamese and Chinese Decent, Sebastian tells his story of joining the Chinese Mafia looking for brotherhood and acceptance, but found himself backed into a corner. A literal corner. Jail. And death. 

This podcast is all about the different ways we get answers to our existential questions. Sabastian mentions how he felt it was God who guided through this time, but his experience can be translated regardless of faith, religion, or non religious background.

What I love most about Sebastian is his ability to own his story, share it vulnerably and live his life in a way that teaches and inspires others. He an entrepreneur, author, family with a marriage of 20 years and four children, and difference maker.