Dream and Take Risks

People take the mosts risks for what they want when they1) have no other choice 2) are fighting for love.

Four years ago, when my husband and I were at a choice point in our marriage, we took a huge risk and moved from Las Vegas to San Diego. A realtor showed us a beautiful condo with a balcony and floor to ceiling windows downtown. It was a scary decision because both of us were unsure if it would work out. All we knew was we wanted to try and we needed a fresh start. So, we stretched our budget and signed the lease.

Living in that gorgeous condo with a view made it a little easier to be grateful and forgive one another when we didn't do it perfectly. It was also a bold act of commitment from both of us towards our marriage. From there, we started to rebuild love and trust. We started to dream together about making a family and owning a house.

Though it seemed far fetched at the time, I remember whispering to Andrew, "Someday, I want a house with a lemon tree."

This year, life has come full circle. The same realtor who showed us that condo was the one who helped us find our dream home. It's a small white house with a blue door in an area that has great schools. In the back yard, there's a lemon tree. (It's moldy and needs help, but C'MON that's sooooo cool).

I've never felt more grounded or more in love. It has all been a result of learning how to take the right risks, embracing the unknown and allowing discomfort to be an opportunity to grow.

What I know for sure is that YOU are a risk taker and dream maker. You have it in you. Get clear on what you love and who you love so that you know where to take risks. Your relationship to risk is the single most important factor in living the life you were meant to.

Start small. Start big. Just start. Stretch. Risk.

My husband and I didn't now if we'd make it when we moved to San Diego, but taking that risk in the first place was the only way we'd find out.