The Healthy Living Approach That Crushes All Excuses

  There are a few common excuses we like to give about why we aren’t living a healthy lifestyle.
“I don’t have enough time."
“I can’t afford a trainer."
“I don’t belong to a gym or have equipment."
Dai Manuel, a fitness entrepreneur and lifestyle mentor, understands this and his workouts, blog, and book, The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto, serve as his answer for all of these excuses. Dai’s mission is to empower people to live a FUNctionally fit life.
“What I found is that when I really dig into why someone wants to lose 20 pounds or why someone wants to get in shape and get them to connect their long-term vision emotionally, it shifts them from 'I should get in shape to I want to get in shape.’"
On this episode we discuss:
  • Dai's struggle as an obese teenager and how he turned his struggle into his purpose
  • Debunks the myths that keep us from getting in shape
  • How to create vision for our health
  • What led him to his decision to quit drinking
  • What’s the first right step to take towards a healthy, FUN life.

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