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Love, Miscarriage, Growth, and Optimism

Finding out I was pregnant was both the most exciting, terrifying time of my life. Because I wanted it so much, my biggest fear was miscarrying. When it happened, I was devastated. I couldn't see then what a gift the entire experience was for me, but I do now. Because this is so common, I want people to know that they are not alone. 

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Lucky With Cancer, Lucky to Have Insurance

"Cancer... turns out, not so hilarious," Samantha Jones- Sex and the CityIn case you don't know me very well, I love me some SEX AND THE CITY!!! I've always wanted to be just like Carrie Bradshaw and wear cute shoes, have great friends, and write for a living! I love watching the characters go through the most awful and awkward sexual escapades (since my sexual escapades are always suave, romantic, and made for the movies :) I kid, I kid). On serious note though, in one episode, Samantha Jones (the older, promiscuous character) is diagnosed with breast cancer. To deal with traumatic news, she attempts to joke about it, and act lighthearted about the matter, but in the end, she realizes the seriousness of the issue, and says, "Cancer... turns out, not so hilarious." I became very aware of this fact in June of 2006.

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