Watch One Girl’s Journey to Realize Her Poker Dream

For eight years, I worked as a poker reporter and played poker on the side. In 2014, I began playing professionally. At first, I really struggled, what I found was that it was because instead of having big dreams, I was just trying to get by. That’s why, this summer, I decided to go for a World Series of Poker bracelet. 

What I found was that the reason nobody says what they want or what their big dreams are is because they’re afraid they’re afraid of what people think. I know I was. They’re also afraid if they say it out loud, people will hold them accountable to actually do something about it. So sometimes people think it’s better to keep quiet about it.

In January, I finally admitted to myself you I wanted to win a World Series of Poker bracelet. This summer, I went for it. Here’s my story:

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Until next summer… 

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Kristy Arnett is an Inspirational Content Creator, Professional Risk Taker and Poker Player. She hosts a 5-Star Rated self-help podcast called, "Risk Everyday" and vlogs regularly on YouTube.

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