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#RiskEveryday – The Power of Intention Transition

Are you living in your intention?

Imagine you have had a long day at work; putting out fires and answering a slew emails that could have been quick conversions but are now a long strand of one-sentence responses. You are running late to your after work yoga class, and you just realized you forgot to complete something important before leaving work. When you arrive to class, you cannot stop thinking about work, your poses are less than stellar, and when it comes time to be in corpse pose, you cannot shut your mind off.

So many of us have difficulties transitioning into the next phase of our day; we cannot shake off work before coming home to our significant others or are spacey when meeting friends for dinner.

When we are somewhere else emotionally and mentally, it stops us from really experiencing life. Not slowing down, checking out, and moving too quickly often has us responding differently than if we were in our intention.

I want to share this simple but powerful exercise to help you get grounded, create what you want for your life, and stay in your intention.

Listen to learn how to slow down your thoughts and reconnect with yourself and your intention.

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Kristy Arnett is an Inspirational Content Creator, Professional Risk Taker and Poker Player. She hosts a 5-Star Rated self-help podcast called, "Risk Everyday" and vlogs regularly on YouTube.

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