I believe in taking risks.


Because GREAT LOVE requires GREAT RISK. 

What does that great love look like for you?

Is it having a partner to walk side by side with you through life? Is it falling asleep in someone’s arms? Is it a teammate who challenges and supports you? Is it having passionate, earth-shattering sex? Is it all of the above?


So, when it comes to love, what does risk look like? 

It looks like walking through fear of rejection to ask someone on a date.

It looks like forgiving a spouse for an indiscretion and giving him/her another chance.

It looks like saying yes to date after divorce.

It looks like being terrified to have your heart broken again and opening up anyway.

It looks like taking the time to learn how to be a great partner.

It looks like making space to want what you want.


So often, I hear people say, “If it happens, it happens” when I know they are dying to give someone their love. Why leave it up to chance?

Stop saying “IF it happens, it happens” and start creating NOW. Don’t let fear paralyze you while time, our most precious gift, passes you by.

The strength our relationship to ourselves and others determines our long-term happiness and success in every other domain of our lives. 


If you’re here on this page, it means there is a desire in your heart. What I care most about is that you follow that desire, no matter where it takes you. I would love to see if we’re the right fit to work together.

You can schedule a time for us to talk below. I only have a few more spots in my Risk & Relationship Intensive, so grab your spot now.