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Awe in the Ordinary

🛑Stop 🛑Before you scroll past this seemingly ordinary, crooked cup of random-stale-50s-diner coffee, give me a chance to explain my wonder with it. I’m on my way from Vegas to San Louis Obispo for facilitator training. Hungry and pee-pee-y I pulled into a tiny town off the highway and entered a cute cafe with ripped leather booths and home-made pies …

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In a Moment, Everything Can Change

The weight of the day pulls heavy on my skin. I grip the steering wheel tight, and the leather squishes under my hands. Just… a little… farther. The digital clock on the dashboard glows bright against darkness. 4:45 am. I think about how far I’ve gone and how little I have left to go. An hour seems like a long …

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But… did you die?

I was sitting at the poker table the other day, losing a bunch, and being bummed out. Then suddenly, I thought to myself, “Damn, at least I’m not DEAD!” In that moment, I shifted from, “This sucks,” to “I might as well have fun and GO FOR IT!” For the past few years, I’ve really been contemplating my relationship with …

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Qualities of a Successful Poker Player/Person with Joe Ingram

Poker is such a beautiful mirror for life. The same qualities that it takes for someone to be a successful poker player are the same to be a successful human in all endeavors. High-stakes poker player and host of the, Poker Life Podcast, Joe Ingram comes on the show to discuss self-belief and sacrifice, two pillars in his book Chasing The Poker …

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Calvin Correli is an artist, entrepreneur, and the CEO of a holistically focused, multi-million dollar software company called Simplero. But he wasn’t always this successful or sure of his path. Today on the podcast, Calvin talks about two big breakthroughs he had that contributed to his ability to create a successful company.  It’s ok to have money. His depression was a …

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Want to be free? Don’t take anything personally

The following are real comments made about me online:  kristy is THE most annoying Awful. She has no talent, looks a bit weird and isnt Jenna Marbles another gook poker player ,lame Chin…k cunt Ehh, she’s hot(but not sfh) just cuz she’s an asian. In reality she’s just a 6/10. im usually big on the slanted eyes but she’s not …

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Relationship Between Mind and Body – with Isaiah Fliessbach

We often talk about the importance of cultivating our mind and taking care of our body, but we rarely discuss the relationship between the two. Isaiah Fliessbach, an advocate and practitioner of True Body Intelligence, comes on the show and discusses how we actually store our unresolved emotions in our body. Links: theinnerfoundation.com Isaiah’s Facebook Email Isaiah at ajaiandi@gmail.com The song …

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What to do if you hate your job

Thirty percent of our lives is spent working which makes for a pretty sad calculation of overall happiness if you hate your job. That was the case for Nicole Holland. After experiencing the worst shift of her life as a correctional officer on New Year’s Even 2013, she made a promise to herself that she would not be there for another …

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The first time I heard the words, “co-create with the Universe” I remember being less than thrilled. I didn’t understand it. I was going to create with an entity that I couldn’t see or touch? That seemed ludicrous. That was until I began talking to smart people who could explain it in a real world terms that I understood. I …

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WTF Are You Doing With Your Money?

Money Coach Lisa Chastain comes on the podcast to talk about WTF we are doing with our money! She discusses limiting beliefs many of us have that keep us from an abundant life, the first step we should take to becoming responsible with our finances, and how to shift to an abundant mindset.  Lisa is a Las Vegas native where she …

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