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  • The Power Is In Vulnerability

    by LChas - Jun 7, 2016

    Kristy is great at sharing real life experiences that translate to powerful learning. She gets real about real issues with humor, compassion and with the listener in mind. I love how care-free and off the cuff her dialogue is. Thanks for keeping it grounded and honest Kristy!

  • Raw, real, authentic, inspirational. A must!

    by OA44 - Jun 9, 2016

    Wow! This podcast is raw, real, authentic, inspirational and so moving! Kristy is a true artist in taking her audience into the depths of her experiences and connecting to her feeligns and thoughts. i can't wait for more! I think anyone can find this podcast valuable! Thank you Kristy for sharing a piece of you with us!

  • Raw, Vulnerable, Inspirational

    by Lacey Jo Schuster - Jun 22, 2016

    Kristy is so REAL! I find myself relating to every episode. After listening to the episode on conflict in relationships I asked my partner to listen to it because Kristy put words to something I have struggled with my entire life. Her vulnerable sharing about her struggles inspires me to stay in the work of personal development. This podcast is an absolute must listen!

  • She's REAL

    by CaliGrinder - Jun 3, 2016

    Kristy communicates in a way where I fell like she is standing next to me. Like she is actually walking through the fire WITH me. Instead of giving advice from an all-knowing place she instead seems to have all the right questions. Most importantly (from a podcast perspective) she is wildly enertaining and funny Start to finish I can count on laughing a few times, possibly crying, and most importantly learning something about myself. Thanks for new content!

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Nathalie Botros is a Psychologist and Certified Health Coach, but her ability to guide people in living happy healthy lives is rooted deeply in her own experience. Like most people that have tried dieting, Nathalie’s best memories were created while going on adventures and eating great food (not dieting). What she learned was that in order to lose weight, you must …

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In a Moment, Everything Can Change

The weight of the day pulls heavy on my skin. I grip the steering wheel tight, and the leather squishes under my hands. Just… a little… farther. The digital clock on the dashboard glows bright against darkness. 4:45 am. I think about how far I’ve gone and how little I have left to go. An hour seems like a long …

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Is the passion lacking in your relationship? Are you questioning if something is wrong with you because you hate feeling more dominate than your partner? Relationship expert Ken Blackman explains how to regain that passion and overcome the fears that might be holding you back.      Ken Blackman is a sought-after lecturer and relationship expert, teaching workshops worldwide and …

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Sex Advice – The Surprising Secret of What Women Want in Bed

What do women want in bed? When I hear this question, I think about all the scenes from the movies where a man powerfully seduces a women. He might grab her hair, kiss her on the neck and confidently whisk her into bed. Without saying a word, he knows exactly what to do, and she moans with delight. The message …

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Love can happen quickly and blindly when we are not in our best state. After the sudden death of her husband, Debby Montgomery Johnson began dating a man online. During a course of two years, Debby sent the man over a million dollars only to find out that he was a Nigerian scammer.  Listen here to find out how she …

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How to Maximize Your Strengths

The fastest way to success is not by improving your weaknesses. It’s to maximize your strengths. Strengths Coach Alissa Daire Nelson comes on the podcast to talk about why we need to build our own awareness around our gifts and how to do it. How do we identify our strengths? We can either take the Strength Finder Test, or we can …

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The Algorithm for Eternal Happiness

When I booked the podcast interview with Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer at Google [X], a serial entrepreneur and author of the book, SOLVE FOR HAPPY. I was inexplicably excited. I knew he was going to bring my audience so much wisdom and value. He was going to teach people how to be HAPPY. In 2001, Mo found himself unhappy …

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Becoming a thought leader in life and in business is a result of finding one’s authentic values and voice. Kamila Gornia is a brilliant Marketing Strategist who helps entrepreneurs bring personality and profit to their businesses. Kamila suggests an easy brain dump exercise to define your authentic voice: What are the three main categories of your business? What are the 3-5 …

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What does it mean to be confident? According to the dictionary, this is what confidence means: a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances What I find most interesting about the concept of confidence is that it is as much about how other’s perceive you as it is about how confident you actually feel inside. The …

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How to Stop Emotional Eating

If you have ever struggled with your weight, dieting, the rubber-band effect, emotional eating or binge eating, this episode of the WTF Am I Doing With My Life? podcast is a must-listen. I know it was for me. I was in awe while interviewing this woman. Marisa Molina struggled with it all, too. She’s tried every diet, hired personal trainers, …

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