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Is the passion lacking in your relationship? Are you questioning if something is wrong with you because you hate feeling more dominate than your partner? Relationship expert Ken Blackman explains how to regain that passion and overcome the fears that might be holding you back.      Ken Blackman is a sought-after lecturer and relationship expert, teaching workshops worldwide and …

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Sex Advice – The Surprising Secret of What Women Want in Bed

What do women want in bed? When I hear this question, I think about all the scenes from the movies where a man powerfully seduces a women. He might grab her hair, kiss her on the neck and confidently whisk her into bed. Without saying a word, he knows exactly what to do, and she moans with delight. The message …

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How to Maximize Your Strengths

The fastest way to success is not by improving your weaknesses. It’s to maximize your strengths. Strengths Coach Alissa Daire Nelson comes on the podcast to talk about why we need to build our own awareness around our gifts and how to do it. How do we identify our strengths? We can either take the Strength Finder Test, or we can …

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Three of the biggest causes of both pleasure and pain come from sex, money and food, and it’s our relationship to them that causes our experience. Alexandra Harbushka dares to talk about all of it to shift our own conversations around them to empower us.   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexandraharbushka/  Instagram Handle: @alexandraharbushka Facebook Personal:https://www.facebook.com/alexandra.harbushka Facebook Handle: @alexandraharbushka Twitter: https://twitter.com/AHarbushka  Twitter Handle: …

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A Personal Experience of Life after Death with Dan Cox

What happens when you die? Today on the podcast, we explore this existential question with a gentleman who actually did die. Twelve years ago, Dan Cox, a decorated Vietnam Veteran and Mental Mindset Coach, suffered from a massive heart attack. By all accounts, he was dead. Luckily, because he was in the hospital when it happened, doctors were able to …

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But… did you die?

I was sitting at the poker table the other day, losing a bunch, and being bummed out. Then suddenly, I thought to myself, “Damn, at least I’m not DEAD!” In that moment, I shifted from, “This sucks,” to “I might as well have fun and GO FOR IT!” For the past few years, I’ve really been contemplating my relationship with …

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Steve Jobs Returns -with Dr Mark Goulston

Dr. Mark Goulston is one of the most kind, interesting people I’ve ever met, so of course, I jumped on the opportunity to interview him. His resume is extraordinary. He’s been a crisis psychiatrist for 30 years, an FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer, UCLA professor of psychiatry for 25 years, authored & co-authored seven books including Amazon Best Sellers“Just …

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The Biggest Risk I Ever Took

I float past a full-length mirror but stop to back up. I need to look at myself.   What I see, I barely recognize. It’s been a week since my world was shattered into shards of glass. Everything I knew about love, marriage, and safety in my own skin was wrong. At every memory, I feel splinters from the broken …

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Who’s Shoes

Stop. And think about what it really means to walk in someone else’s shoes. What have the been through? What have the seen? What do they struggle with? What are they in pain about? When we want to be impatient with the grocery store clerk who doesn’t know the code for bananas- ask yourself what their day might be like? …

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I’ve seen some shit

I’ve seen some shit. I have seen the most miraculous, holy balls, can’t believe it, how-the-hell-did-that-happen shit. I’ve seen a couple friends of mine lost over 100 pounds. I’ve seen a guy who was told he had stage 4 cancer and no options because chemo would kill him, find care outside outside the US to get himself cancer free in …

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