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Awe in the Ordinary

🛑Stop 🛑Before you scroll past this seemingly ordinary, crooked cup of random-stale-50s-diner coffee, give me a chance to explain my wonder with it. I’m on my way from Vegas to San Louis Obispo for facilitator training. Hungry and pee-pee-y I pulled into a tiny town off the highway and entered a cute cafe with ripped leather booths and home-made pies …

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No BS Communication

When polling my friends about what their biggest hurdle is in relationships, one of the top answers was– COMMUNICATION. Well, that and choosing what to eat for dinner (but I think that can be put into the communication category anyway). The question then becomes- Why can’t we communicate effectively? What’s stopping us? And what would good, clear communication between people …

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How to Move Forward Through Heartbreak

It’s time for me to talk about healing and the tangible parts of moving forward during that time, and what I learned moving through it. If you are experiencing heartbreak currently, I want this podcast to be a place that you can lean on and come back to when you need help. I have been procrastinating the sharing of this part of my life, but you guys are my tribe and I want to share with you and inspire you. I hope my truth makes an impact.

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A Message to Millennials with Mark Howley

My guest today is a very successful man who has the perfect message for today’s episode. Mark Howley is the CEO of Pacific Bag Inc. Mark not only created a successful business and a successful family, but he found purpose by leading young people through sharing his message. In this episode, Mark shares his story and message with us.

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How to Heal from Heartbreak with Suki Sohn

  Today’s Episode: Today’s guest is Suki Sohn. She is a transformational and leadership coach that started her journey over a decade ago after her divorce left her physically and emotionally depleted. She shares her story in such a beautiful and vulnerable way that I know you guys will connect with it. She is the author of Happily Ever After: …

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Modern Male Conditioning with Robert Kandell

  Today’s Episode: In the world of coaching and personal development, there are legends in the game. The kind of people that have been around long enough to be the go-to person of the industry. On today’s podcast, I talk to one of these legends. Robert Kandell is a writer, teacher, coach, and lecturer. Since 2002, Robert has been on …

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Heartbroken for Las Vegas

I feel so angry, hurt and confused by the horrifying mass murder that occurred last night in Las Vegas. More than 50 beautiful people, who went out for night of fun, love and country music, are now dead. These are individuals that never expected this would be their last day. They all have ambitions they’ll never have the opportunity to …

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How to be Charismatic -with Charlie Houpert

What is charisma? According to “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.” To bring it into visual terms– bring to mind the most charismatic person you know. When they walk into a room, everyone notices. When they speak, people lean in. Others desire to be around them. The next question is- Can you learn to be charismatic? My …

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In a midst of a conflict or when we are angry at our partner, Marla Mattenson, Relationship and Intimacy expert, asserts that we are actually seeing our partner as a threat. This can send us into a flight, flight or freeze response which, in relationship, results in lying, blaming and defense. To have a working, intimate and fulfilling relationship, it’s …

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WTF Am I Doing With My