How to Get Real, Sustainable Confidence

All the time, we hear people saying, “Be yourself!” or “Just be confident!”

But does that actually mean? And how do we do that?

Relationship coach and author Aaron Steinberg has the answer, and it’s PRACTICING HONESTY.

“Where you feel like you would have to take a risk to communicate what you’re thinking or what you’re feeling, take that risk,” says Aaron.

Also in this podcast, we talk about

  • -Why we stop being honest in the first place
  • -What happens when we tell little lies to ourselves and others
  • -Why “picking our battles” is bull shit

To learn more about Aaron, go to his website or get his book, The Honesty Practice on Amazon.


Check out Aaron’s other interview on the WTF Am I Doing with My Life? Podcast where he talks about conflict as an opportunity.




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Kristy Arnett is an Inspirational Content Creator, Professional Risk Taker and Poker Player. She hosts a 5-Star Rated self-help podcast called, "Risk Everyday" and vlogs regularly on YouTube.

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